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Beer Can Chicken only a myth?

Beer Can Chicken only a myth? Folks are really into the beer can chicken thing! Beer Can Chicken – What is it and is it real?

Beer Can Chicken only a myth? Which prompted our curiosity and shall we say, natural skepticism? We wondered how hot the beer actually gets. We wondered how any flavors from the beer and any additions might get into the meat and flavor it. And of course, we wondered how big a difference in juiciness and flavor the beer and additions might make. Can you even taste the flavor of the beer and additions at all? So, we pulled out the scientific equipment and began testing!

Beer Can Chicken — What Is It? and is it a myth?
Well first of all, it goes by many names. Beer Butt Chicken. Beer In The Butt Chicken. Beer Can Chicken. Chicken On A Throne. Basically, they are all the same thing.

for the whole article and real truth – click here http://www.nakedwhiz.com/beercanchicken.htm

Beer Can Chicken recipesWant to know more?  Come to the Kentucky State Barbecue Festival in Danville, KY and talk to Carey Bringle, Craig Kimmel, Moe Cason, Melissa Cookston, Brad Orrison, Shelly Hunt and Brad and Cindy Simmons – they will tell you the secrets that get THEIR chicken to taste like a Professional BBQ er.  🙂