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Danville, KY the per-capita Capital of Microbrewing

Danville the per-capita capital of microbrewing

By DAVID BROCK dbrock@amnews.com 11:10 a.m. EDT, October 12, 2011
It hasn’t taken long for Danville, Kentucky to write some history since going wet last year.
In fact, the owners of the town’s second and newest brewing operation Lore Brewing Co. will tell you last month’s opening makes Danville, KY the per-capita capital of microbrewing.
“There is one brewery for every 7,500 people now,” Lee Rossman said Tuesday, with a smile, before wife and co-owner Ashley added that this moves Danville slightly ahead of Portland, Ore.
According to the state office of Alcoholic Beverage Control, there are currently 15 breweries of any size in Kentucky, with nine of those in either Lexington or Louisville and four in northern Kentucky. With the opening in August of Lore Brewing Co. on Whirlaway Drive, Danville now has the only other two in the state.
A total of two breweries may sound like a token distinction, but Ashley Rossman said it was not a big surprise that Danville has been the place outside of more metropolitan areas where craft beer has had success.
“When the law changed, I think the demand was there and there is an unusually high proportion of craft beer drinkers here,” Lee Rossman said. “You have a lot of people here who seek out that kind of product in stores and on tap in restaurants.”
Like fellow microbrewer Brian Holton of Beer Engine, the Rossmans honed their skills through several years of brewing beer themselves. About the time the town went wet, they came to Danville from Tampa, Fla., to be closer to family with hopes of starting a small business.
The Rossmans said doing what they enjoy is a coincidental benefit of the alcohol election. They saw the opportunity to not only manufacture beer, but also open a retail store for the growing number of people who appreciate the do-it-yourself process of making their own brew.