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how to build a UDS – Ugly Drum Smoker – VIDEO

How to build a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) – and these things work very well – for under $100.  I know some guys who’ve scavanged the parts here and there and built this smoker for under $40.  A real deal smoker for a real bargain price – and should be able t build it in less than 5 hrs.  This is a fun weekend project for you and your kid, buddy, spouse, etc.  Have fun and post your photos here.

Parts list:
55 Gallon drum
22.5″ Weber kettle lid (used)

Grates and supports:
8x .25″x2.5″ stainless carriage bolts
8x .25″ stainless nuts
16x .25″ washers
2x 22.5″ Weber replacement grill grates

Air Intake:
4x .75″ conduit nipples
3x .75″ pipe caps
1x .75″ ball valve
12x .75″ conduit nuts

charcoal basket
1x 18″ weber charcoal grate
1x 54″x10″ expanded metal grate
4x 3/8″x4″ carriage bolts
4x 3/8″ nuts
8x 3/8″ fender washers

2x garage door handles
4x .25″x.75″ stainless bolts
4x .25″ stainless nuts
4x .25″ stainless lock washers

1x Dial thermometer