Tee Dee Young

Tee Dee Young


Tee Dee Young, a blues legend in his own time. He has definitely got the blues and he loves “firing down on that guitar”. While playing his own unique style of the Blues, his dynamic stage presence, exciting harmony and energy will put you in the mood for dancing!

Tee Dee Young, a native of Lexington Kentucky, has been performing and playing for audiences for years. He got his start playing the guitar sitting by the railroad tracks and at the early age of thirteen he was exposed to the life of blues learning the basics mentored by an elderly gentlemen, the late Mr. Harrison Coleman. He would pick up singing from his late father gospel singer Leonard Young and he would later be influenced by his late brother George Young who would constantly reminded him to never change his style in which he plays the blues.




2015 Best Blues Artist

Lexington Music Awards

2011 Beale Street Blues King’s

Beale Street Merchants Association Memphis, TN

2011 Best Blues Band in State Of Kentucky Kentucky Blues Society Bowling Green

2011 International Blues Challenge finalist The Blues Foundation Memphis, Tennessee

At the age of fourteen he formed his own band and throughout the rest of his teens Tee Dee Young would perform every chance he could get; in basements, private parties, talent shows and entering through back club doors.

By the time he was twenty he was performing in prestigious venues such as: The Cotton Club, Albert King’s Club, Kington Mines and Club Zero. Further down the road he would make appearances at B.B. King’s Club & Isaac Hayes’ Club.

He would later find himself opening up for/performing with legendary and acclaimed Blues and R&B musicians such as: Johnny Rawls, Guitar Shorty, Big Bill Morgan, Albert King, Lil “Howling ” Wolf, Sir “Mack” Rice, Eddie Floyd, Malina Moye, Al Green, Denise Lasailes, Aretha Franklin, Cameo, Lakeside, James Brown, Alexander O’Neal, Vesta Williams, Miki Howard and many others.

What makes Tee Dee Young unique is the style in which he plays the Blues. Young’s playing and singing are authentic to the genre but oblivious to current industry trends. His guitar is a weapon, wielded with total authority, assailing the listener with his sheer virtuosity!! He writes and perform his own music, while still being able to maintain his originality covering music written by other artist and his love for pleasing his audience, while he’s “firing down on that guitar!”