Where does the money go?

– Because of you, 2 families now have a roof – the children of those family are now more likely to break the cycle of poverty, graduate high school, and own a home of their own.
– Because of you, a mentor was introduced into the life of a child – that child is now more likely to graduate high school, have higher self-esteem, engage in social activities, and maintain stronger relationships.
– Because of you, 42 senior citizens are now able to be transported to dr. appointments, pick up their medicines, and get their groceries.
– Because of you, 2 abused and neglected children have an advocate solely assigned to them who interviews people and situations in their life and speaks on their behalf to the judge making a recommendation based on what is in the best interest of the child.
– Because of you, 30 adults were able to achieve enough education to obtain their GED allowing them to gain self-esteem, a sense of achievement, and employment which in turn enables them to become contributing members to our community.
– Because of you, 10 victims of domestic violence were able to receive the assistance they needed to secure protective orders from their abusers, receive counseling, gain child support, and maintain their homes – resulting in a safe environment for the child who is now more likely to break the cycle of abuse.
– Because of you, 6 addicts were assisted in being able to complete an eight-week drug rehabilitation program and are more likely to break the cycle of addiction.
– Because of you, 2 children who were malnourished now receive three meals and two snacks a day.
– Because of you, 2 neglected children now are thriving because of intensive therapy.
– Because of you, 10 of our neighbors GED test were paid for
– Because of you, 6 people were able to keep the lights on, a child learned how to swallow food for the first time, and 30 patients were provided their medication – changing lives today and the generations of tomorrow.
– Because of you, 84 Hot Meals were delivered to our Seniors

THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE THAT THE KENTUCKY STATE BBQ FESTIVAL makes in just 1 weekend. And over 200 volunteers get to do this every year — with your generous support. THANK YOU!