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2015 Baron/Baroness of Backyard BBQ Results

Baron/Baroness of Backyard BBQ logoHere are the results from the 2015 Baron of Backyard BBQ and One Bite Challenge Competitions along with the judging forms used to give you an idea of what the judges were looking for.

This years judges were a pretty impressive group with each having their own style of BBQ history.

Wes Berry aka Professor Pork Belly – Author of the The Kentucky Barbecue Book (2013) with a ton of BBQ knowledge, Wes has eaten in over 180 Kentucky BBQ restaurants.

Tim Mikeska – Owner of Mikeska Brands in Taylor, TX. Tim’s family is known as “The first family of Texas BBQ”. Tim’s dad, Rudy, was the official BBQ Pitmaster for president Lyndon Johnson and Tim has preceded him with numerous television appearances and caterings including Queen Elizabeth.

Phillip Heern – Pitmaster for Mike Mills 17th Street Barbecue restaurants and catering, he is also an up and coming competition pitmaster with his team Sexy Q.

Mike Mills – The Legend – The winningest man in BBQ history, with numerous KCBS and Memphis in May trophies collected. Mike owns 17th Street Barbecue with 2 locations in Illinois and one in Las Vegas. Mike also owns On Cue consulting teaching the tricks and tips of BBQ as well as running a successful BBQ restaurant.

Congratulations to:

  • Michael Tipton – 1st place
  • Melissa Ingraham – 2nd place
  • Brian Danglemaier – 3rd place
  • Matt Benzel – One Bite

For those that were in the One Bite Challenge, 6 of the 10 turn-ins were ABT’s (jalapenos stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon). The others were pineapple bacon candy, a fatty and haggis meatballs on mashed potatoes with Guinness gravy. The winner was smoked salmon on cucumber with a cream cheese and dill topping.

We hope everyone had a great time ad look forwarding to seeing you again in 2016 (talk has already started about adding some more categories!). As always, your feedback is encouraged and welcomed. We want to get better each year!

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