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Amy Mills on Chopped

Meet Barbecue Heiress Amy Mills, Guest Judge on Chopped Grill Masters

During this season of Chopped Grill Masters, premiering Tuesday, July 14 at 10|9c, two new Amy Mills on Choppedguests join the panel of regular judges at the chopping block: Amy Mills and Tim Love. Known as the heiress of barbecue, Amy is the daughter of famed barbecuer Mike Mills, and she is a top-notch barbecuer and restaurant consultant. With many years of experience, she knows what competitive barbecue is all about, so there’s no one more well-suited to judge two of the tournament’s preliminary rounds. FN Dish caught up with Amy Mills on Chopped on the set of the show to chat about grilling, barbecue and the difficulties the competitors face in this tournament.

FN Dish: Do you have any theory or mantra on grilling?
Amy Mills: My principle grilling mantra is fire management. It really all comes down to that, knowing how to build and maintain a fire (a consistent fire) throughout the process so that it doesn’t get too hot — it doesn’t cool down too much — and that you have the consistent heat level to properly cook your food. Whether it’s a protein or a vegetable, a fruit — whatever that may be.

What are some of your favorite things to grill?
AM: I love to grill everything. Obviously I like to grill all kinds of meat and we are very pork-centric in southern Illinois, where I’m from. But I also like to grill vegetables and I love to grill fruit. I think there’s a whole wide-open world of grilled fruit-based drinks and cocktails that we are just starting to explore. I really think everything, even … putting some light char and smoke on romaine lettuce makes everything just a little bit better.

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