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BBQ Competition Accidental Leak ‘Confirms’ Grand Champion Trophy Design

KY State BBQ Festival BBQ Competition Accidental Leak ‘Confirms’ Grand Champion Trophy Design

BBQ Competition Trophy design leaked as organizers promote – but try to keep design under wraps.  “Foiled again”, frets Rick Waldon, BBQ Competition organizer.KY State BBQ Festival - BBQ Competition

There’s still time to sign up and compete – click here for app

Grand Champion    $250  + Trophy


1    $100   + Trophy

2     75     + Trophy

3     50     + Trophy


1     $100     Trophy

2     75     Plaque

3     50     Plaque

One Bite

1     $100     Trophy

2     75     Plaque

3     50     Plaque



Share with a BBQ friend – Top 6 things they don’t won’t tell you about BBQ Competitions: 

6 – it ain’t easy – there are some talented Pitmasters out there who are hungry to WIN. it’s fun, but it ain’t easy.

5 – it ain’t cheap to enter – unless you have a great sponsor like Pit Barrel Cookers – who keep our entry fees to a minimum. Instead of most BBQ competitions of several hundred $ entry fees, because of our great sponsor, Pit Barrel Cookers, this one is only $50. for one category or only $100 for all 3 categories and qualify for Grand Champion

4 – BBQ Competitions are one of the most social things you can do with your friends and family

3 – it is acceptable (really expected) to drink beer at 7am

2 – They are the only places where fat, bald guys can be King

1 – It’s cheaper than drag racing

Sign up before its too late and spaces are gone – https://kybbqfestival.com/backyard-bbq-competition/


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