Celebrity Pitmaster Vendor Inquiry

Applying to be a Kentucky State BBQ Festival Pitmaster

The Kentucky BBQ Festival currently features 7 Pitmasters that participate as both vendors and demonstrators. Each of these positions is automatically renewed each year until the Pitmaster decides to vacate their position in the Festival.

Because we receive more inquiries than we can accept, we encourage candidates that meet the following criteria to submit a personal bio should a position become available:

  • List of all BBQ competition wins in KCBS or MBN events (or both)
  • Articles written by or about the celebrity pitmaster
  • Website, Facebook, Instagram and any books authored by the pitmaster
  • Television and radio appearances
  • Items branded under the pitmaster name, team or logo and where they are sold
  • Proof of ability to successfully serve thousands of people during the three day event (i.e. catering company with list and head count of jobs performed or restaurant and number of guests served daily)
  • Description of BBQ style specialized in (i.e. Memphis, Texas, Kansas City, Piedmont N. Carolina, Western KY, etc.)

Information should be sent to:
Kentucky State BBQ Festival
Pitmaster Selection Committee
460 South 4th Street, Ste. 3
Danville KY 40422


Selection and Notification

Once the Kentucky State BBQ Festival is notified of a vendor vacancy (this is very rare) the KYBBQF Executive Committee will notify and review qualified candidates and select the candidate that best fits the criteria listed above with special consideration given to a style not currently being represented.

Selection is juried. All juried decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

Candidates of interest will be notified by the Executive Committee.