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Danville, Kentucky Chamber whoops it up at banquet

This Community Impact award is given to individuals or organizations for responding to an identified need and who initiate actions or programs that affect people in the community in significant or profound ways.

The first recipient, The Kentucky State Barbecue Festival Committee, was credited for having an idea that grew beyond anyone’s wildest expectations and capitalizing on the large following of competitive barbecue. The festival brought over 25,000 people to Boyle County, far exceeding the expected attendance of 5-7,000. The event resulted in an economic impact of more than $2 million.

The second recipient, the Danville Committee for Expanded Sales, was praised for taking action to seize an economic opportunity that had long driven out of Boyle County. The successful vote to allow alcohol sales supported by the committee, and chairman Jerry Boyd and treasurer Greg Barnard, was credited for resulting in $657,000 in tax revenue, 50 new jobs, and an economic impact equivalent to more than $21 million consumer dollars.

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By DAVID BROCK dbrock@amnews.com  January 21, 2012