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How to make competition quality BBQ pork ribs

Barbecue on July 4th is as American as apple pie. How to make competition quality BBQ pork ribs

To make sure your barbecue is the best on the block, here are a few tips from Melissa Cookston, co-owner of Memphis Barbecue Company in Horn Lake, Miss. Cookston, a familiar face on TLC’s reality show “BBQ Pitmasters,” is a three-time World Champion BBQ Pitmaster and the only female to have won the prestigious Memphis in May (MIM) World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest.

Cookston took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to give us her secrets to making the perfect, mouth-watering ribs–and what rookie mistakes to avoid.

“We’re going to show you exactly what we do to our ribs for competition to make your ribs world champion ribs too,” Cookston begins.

First, you want to remove the membrane that is on the back of the ribs.

“You can’t chew through that. So we want to remove that, so that all of our flavors can get in the back of the rib as well as the top of the rib, and it’ll make it much more tender. You just slide your fingers underneath the membrane, pull up, and bam it’s gone.”

After that, liberally……

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Want to see Melissa Cookston, 3 time Memphis in May World Champion in person? Want to know more?  Come to the Kentucky State Barbecue Festival in Danville, KY and talk to Carey Bringle, Craig Kimmel, Moe Cason, Melissa Cookston, Brad Orrison, Shelly Hunt and Brad and Cindy Simmons – they will tell you the secrets that get THEIR chicken to taste like a Professional BBQ er.  :-)