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Lore Brewing Beer and BBQ? a serious Danville, KY foodie event

Lore Brewing Beer and BBQ? a serious Danville, KY foodie event

DANVILLE, KY – Lore Brewing Company and the folks at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival are teaming up to bring you some of the best beer in the Bluegrass to enjoy while experiencing world-class BBQ. Four selections will be available from Lore at the event, which takes place in Constitution Square on the first weekend in November. One thing you should know when attending a “foodie” type event is how to properly pair your food and drink.

When most people think of food pairings, they think of wine. What you might not know is that properly pairing beer is just as important. We’ve done the work for you, and written a guide on how to take your taste buds to BBQ heaven with a little help from Lore Brewing’s beer.

Toolbox Cream Ale – Since this is …..a lighter and slightly sweet beer, you don’t want to overpower the beer with really heavy flavors. This beer will go best with any meat that has a fruity glaze or is lightly smoked. This includes chicken, sausages and most pulled pork sandwiches that aren’t swimming in sauce. We experienced this pairing first hand at Danville’s Oktoberfest, where the pulled pork from the Lucky Dog BBQ Team and Toolbox Cream Ale complimented each other very well.

Freya’s Stone Amber Ale – This beer is right in the sweet spot for just about every type of BBQ. The hop flavor will play nicely with most sauces, and the caramel maltiness won’t be drowned out by more heavily smoked fare. Freya’s Stone is highly recommended for things like ribs, sauced sandwiches, and brisket. This is by far the most popular beer in Lore’s lineup, so make sure you pick some up before it runs out.

Derby Brown Ale – With the dark and roasty flavors in this beer, you will generally want to seek out food with heavier flavors. Anything with a sticky, molasses type glaze, and any type of beef pairs very well with this beer. Stay away from chicken while sipping this one, because the lighter taste will be completely overpowered by the beer. Food that is heavily smoked will also go well with Derby Brown.

Smoked Festive Ale – This beer from Lore was created exclusively for the festival. It is a smoky-looking light ale made with malted barley that has been smoked over cherrywood. The result is a hammy smoke flavor in the beer. Some people have referred to it as “bacon beer”. Enjoy this one with anything at the festival. Smoked beer goes well with smoked meat – but we probably didn’t have to tell you that. It is not a part of Lore’s regular production, so make sure that you try this beer that will only be available at the festival.

The above guidelines will give you the best possible flavor combinations. What really matters is that you enjoy the festival. Any of these beer options will be great as long as they are consumed responsibly. Enjoy your food and drink, and experience all that this event and the city of Danville has to offer. When you get back to wherever it is you call home, remember to seek out and support local breweries!

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