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Master Distiller’s VIP Event

Master Distiller’s VIP Event – Discussion Panel.

Master Distiller’s VIP Event will be held on Saturday Sept 8, 2018.


Peggy Stevens – Peggy Noe Stevens and Associates – Commentator  — see details below.

Kevin Curtis – see details below.

Marianne Barnes – Castle & Key – see details below.

Al Young – Four Roses – see details below.

Shane Baker – Wilderness Trail – see details below.

Dave Scheurich – Woodford Reserve/Boondocks – see details below.

Plan and Timeline:

This event will be 2 1/2 hours in length

Q&A cards will be provided to each attendee to solicit questions for the panel.

Each panelist will speak for 5-7 minutes on a subject of their choice then conduct a tasting of the product they brought to the event.

Presentations:  Peggy Stevens will be the commentator and will open the event by introducing the panelists and speaking 5-7 minutes on Bourbon Women.

Panelists will speak on a specific topic and conduct a tasting of their product:

Dave Scheurich – The history of alcohol and bourbon – Boondocks American Whiskey

Al Young – The importance of yeast – Four Roses Bourbon

Shane Baker – The difference between sweet mash and sour mash – Wilderness Trail Bourbon

Kevin Curtis – The difference between a pot still and a column still – New Whiskey

Marianne Eaves – The family of spirits – Castle & Key Gin

Special Extras: –  Three (3) bottles of the Wilderness Trail Bourbon – Special Edition will

be raffled off via a name drawing during the course of the event.

–  The BBQ Festival will provide sliders and other tasties for the event.

Ticket price is only $100 – only 80 seats available.

DETAILS Here – Master-Distillers-Panel-BBQ-Festival