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Pig Humor – KY BBQ Festival

A little pig humor courtesy of the Kentucky BBQ Festival.

Flying Pig - Kentucky Barbecue Festival, Danville, KYA guy is stopped at an intersection when a farm truck comes whipping past him. As the truck takes the corner, a pig comes flying out and lands on the road. The driver of the car puts the pig in his car and takes off after the farm truck. As he’s speeding along trying to catch up with the truck, he goes through a speed trap and gets pulled over. The driver explains to the police officer that he’s just trying to return the pig. The officer says, “Well, you’ll never catch it now, you should just bring the pig to the zoo.” The driver agrees, and off he goes.

The next day, the cop is patrolling, and who should he see drive by but the same guy. He still has the pig in the passenger seat, but now the pig is wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. The police officer pulls the car over, and confronts the driver. “I thought I told you to take that pig to the zoo!”

The man replies, “I did. We had such a great time that I’m taking him to the ball game today.”

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  1. Martha Bastin

    Howard County Police officers still write their reports by hand, and the data is entered later by a computer tech into their database. One theft report stated that a farmer had lost 2,025 pigs. Thinking that to be an error, the tech called the farmer directly.

    “Is it true Mr. (Smith) that you lost 2,025 pigs?” she asked.

    “Yeth.” lisped the farmer.

    Being a Howard County girl herself, the tech entered: “Subject lost 2 sows and 25 pigs.”

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