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Shane Draper Launches Campaign Against Bad Barbecue

Shane Draper, of Draper’s BBQ and the Draper’s Competition BBQ Team is launching his campaign against bad barbecue right here at the 2012 Kentucky State BBQ Festival. Join Shane as he helps you vanquish the dreaded “bland meat with sauce” barbecue promoted by so many.


Shane’s Salt/Smoke/Meat Party is dedicated to solving one BBQ Nation’s biggest issues – bad and counterfeit barbecue. You know, the kind of stuff that comes from a crock pot or fast food place and they call it barbecue just because they slathered some sauce on it.

Shane will be doing the barbecue demos at the 2012 Kentucky State BBQ Festival. Come and see him both Saturday and Sunday as he shows you how to prepare real slow-cooked, smoked-to-perfection meats for your next get-together, tailgate party or holiday dinner.

Learn the secrets of better BBQ – chicken, ribs, pork butts and shoulders and brisket will all be covered. And some special barbecue items and techniques for football and holiday seasons

Join Shane and his Salt/Smoke/Meat Party and say goodbye to bad barbecue forever!

See when Shane will be doing his demos right here.

And, if you haven’t already, watch the video. It’s Pig Propaganda at it’s best.

Stay hungry, my friends!