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Tim Farmer at BBQ Festival how to smoke Wild Turkey, Deer

TIM FARMER Joins the KY State BBQ Festival – 

Tim Farmer is the host of the nation’s longest running outdoor television show.   Kentucky Afield is in its 56th year and has become a Kentucky Classic.

A life-long Kentuckian, Tim has been an outdoor lover since his childhood.  He was both fly-fishing and squirrel hunting by the age of 8.  In 1984, Tim was injured in a motorcycle accident, which left him without the use of his right arm.  Due to his strong will and ability to adapt to any situation, Tim continues to do what he loves best.  He has learned to shoot a rifle cross-shouldered, tie a fishing line with his mouth, and shoot a bow and arrow with his teeth.

Tim began cooking wild game in his teens.

He learned many secrets from southern kitchens all over Kentucky, and has learned many international secrets from his good friend, a French chef.  Another hobby of Tim’s is good southern barbeque on the smoker!

Tim shares some of his recipes on Kentucky Afield.  These recipes have become wildly popular.


Tim believes strongly in bringing his food from the field to the table, and has mastered this with many wonderful dishes.

Come see Tim Farmer at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival – demonstrating how to smoke and cook a Wild Turkey, Deer Steaks and other game.


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  4. Brian Cole

    Hello Tim !
    I want you to know I admire your shows and your abilities.
    I’m from Ohio about 40 minutes from Cincinnati.
    I was looking for a place for me and an elderly friend to take a vacation to catch some 8 inch bluegills or better.
    If you had any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
    I don’t have a boat but willing to pay a guide.

    Thank you!
    Have a safe time outdoors!

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