Vendor Inquiry Guidelines

Applying to be a Kentucky State BBQ Festival Vendor


This selection process is not applicable to BBQ food vendors.

Because we receive many more requests than we can accept, and to keep the items offered at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival of high quality – the Kentucky State BBQ Festival is juried. We review everyone’s complete request and then make our choice based on several factors:

  • How your items fit in with our vision of the Kentucky State BBQ Festival crafts and food
  • The quality, innovation and uniqueness of your work
  • The overall cohesiveness and consistency of your work
  • If a shared application, the cumulative quality of work
  • How your items are represented in your photos/website
  • Our need to diversify the crafts and food available at Kentucky State BBQ Festival


Kentucky State BBQ Festival acceptance for artists is based upon artistic and quality merit. Artistic merit is determined by the following criteria: creativity and superiority in technique, design, and concept as determined by the Kentucky State BBQ Festival Juror Committee. Food vendors are determined on quality where their food offered is sampled and reviewed by the jury and whether the item(s) fits in with the Festival’s vision.

In order to maintain the quality standard for the Kentucky State BBQ Festival, artists are re-juried every year unless the Kentucky State BBQ Festival feels their product or services offered is no longer in line with the Festival’s vision and will look for a replacement through the juried selection process.

Selection is by jury only. The decisions of the jury are final.

Submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis and notification of Jury’s decision will be sent to vendor by email, text or telephone.

Vendors will need to submit their official application and booth rent fee within 7 days of acceptance.


Kentucky State BBQ Festival is a rain or shine event! There is no rain date! Artists should be prepared to set up and exhibit in the case of light rain. In the event of heavy rain or inclement weather, the Kentucky State BBQ Festival Committee will consider the hazards and needs of festival participants before making any decision associated with canceling or suspending the festival. In such cases, festival officials will keep participants up to date with notifications and decisions in a timely manner. No refunds are given in the event that the festival is cancelled due to inclement weather or in the event that an artist decides not to participate. Should an artist decide to pack up or leave prior to the end of the festival has been declared, that artist may jeopardize future participation in Kentucky State BBQ Festival.


Email: JoAnn@KYBBQFestival.com about your craft or food vending request to participate.

  1. Send photos of your set up/booth and your work or food that will be offered for sale at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival.
  2. Price list for items offered.
  3. List any special requirements such as electric or water (we will try to accommodate electric and water requests but cannot guarantee availability).
  4. Submit a bio about you and your company.
  5. Include your email address, mailing address and website link.
  6. Please state which festivals you have participated in before.