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Wes Berry’s The Kentucky Barbecue Book is Good Eatin’ Readin’

Wes Berry's The Kentucky Barbecue BookProfessor Wes Berry is a great friend of the Kentucky State BBQ Festival and of barbecue all over the Commonwealth.

Curious about Kentucky barbecue specialties like mutton and burgoo? Dying to know which joints are serving up the smokiest meats and most mouthwatering sides? Ready to meet world-class pitmasters from across Kentucky who regularly server up humorous tales with their pulled pork? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Kentucky Barbecue Book is for you.

From the banks of the Mississippi to the hidden hollows of the Appalachian Mountains, author and barbecue enthusiast Wes Berry hit the trail in search of the best smoke, the best flavor and the best pitmasters he could find.

While writing this book, Wes visited over 172 barbecue joints in every corner of the state. What he came away with is a book that shares his love of all things barbecue, especially in his beloved Kentucky.

Get you copy of Wes Berry’s The Kentucky Barbecue Book by clicking the “buy Now” button below. Then bring it to the Festival on Sept. 7 or 8 so Wes can sign it.